From Vicar's Desk

Hearty welcome to Immanuel CSI Church, Elizabeth, New Jersey. We are grateful to God, the Almighty who is guiding us yesterday, today and tomorrow as a witnessing community in the world. The Church of South India affirms that the Church is the Servant of God to carry the mission rooted in Jesus Christ based on the Scriptures. As we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee year of CSI, the theme focuses on “Envisioning together an open Church in an open World.” It’s a meaningful and deep rooted theme of ‘An open Church in an open world’ which conceives the idea of an inclusive God who accepts and embraces all the diversities in this world. It’s a call to all of us, to embrace all the diversities in God’s love. The Church through her mission expresses solidarity with the broken communities for a ray hope to face the challenges of life. Our God is a God who journeying with us in all our experiences and endeavours who restored our health, who healed our wounds and kept us safe in this world. Let us move towards the call, to stand as a witnessing community of Christ in this wounded world. We as a person, family, faith community; it is the time to stand as a witnessing community as we experience God’s grace and providence throughout the past. As we observe this year as the ‘Year of Witnessing’ (Mark 5:34), let us stand firm in faith and be as a witnessing individual, family and community.

Come and let us experience the fellowship, love and care together as a faith community which will nourish life in God’s love. You are always welcome to our fellowship and reach out to us at any time. We are here to share the Love of God and we would be honoured if you could join our fellowship. Our wish and prayer are that, let us journey together by experiencing the grace of God and we want you to feel at home and comfortable when you visit us. May God continue to bless you.


Rev John K. Mathew


Immanuel CSI Church, New Jersey.